ISO Certification Accreditation

What is ISO Certification Accreditation?

Industrial Scale Company (ISC) is proud to be ISO certified to calibrate and service scales of all kinds. ISO certification is our most important accreditation, and one that our entire team takes very seriously. But what is ISO certification accreditation, and what does it mean for our clients?

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is an worldwide standard-setting body comprising representatives from many different national standards organizations. The organization develops and publishes international technical, industrial, and commercial standards. Certification by the ISO ensures the safety and quality of the product that is certified, giving consumers confidence in the global compatibility of that product or service.

The ISO certification for scale companies is called ISO/IEC 17025. In order to achieve ISO 17025 certification, ISC submits to a rigorous accreditation process from a certified third-party organization. A scale company that has ISO 17025 certification demonstrates their ability for producing precise testing and calibration results. This allows for adherence to an established quality management system. ISO certification also allows for international recognition of calibration and test reports.

Being an ISO 17025 certified scale company means that a scale company’s management is dedicated to providing quality, safety, and results. Clients that require ISO calibration service to be performed on their scales can only have this service performed by an ISO 17025 certified scale company. Additionally, having an ISO 17025 certificate of calibration displays superior quality control and excellence in calibration compared to a non-ISO 17025 certified calibration—a fact auditors and QA professionals appreciate.

An ISO 17025 certified scale company such as ISC is permitted to calibrate and service scales as outlined in the scope of accreditation provided by the third party accrediting organization. This accreditation can range anywhere from lab balances to heavy capacity scales. Each scale type has its own subset of considerations and weight tolerances. 

ISC’s ISO certification proves our commitment to quality and dedication to providing service excellence. Our environmentally controlled lab allows us to provide accurate and reliable calibration services for weighing instruments of all kinds. Our team continuously seeks opportunities to improve our quality system and expand our scope in order to continue providing customers with the quality and value they’ve come to expect from ISC for decades.

We carry the most current version of the Accreditation to the ISO/IEC 17025:2017 Standard. You can view a copy of our ISO certificate here.

Do you have any questions about our ISO certification accreditation? Contact us anytime for a free consultation on our accredited services. We provide comprehensive sales and service of a wide range of scales and force measurement equipment for purchase or rent.

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