Does ISC Offer Laboratory Scales?

A question our team receives often here at Industrial Scale Company is, “Does ISC offer laboratory scales?” A wide variety of scales are used in laboratories across the U.S., where quality and precision are absolutely critical to operations. Can ISC provide the scales lab techs and researchers need to complete their work effectively?

Yes, ISC Provides Laboratory Scales

ISC can provide any types of laboratory scales that your organization needs. Common laboratory scale types include a beam balance, a top-loading balance, and an ultra-precision platform scale. ISC offers a wide range of analytical balances and precision scales for laboratory work that requires absolute accuracy.

To the average layperson, it may seem that all laboratory scales are fairly similar. They all feature high resolution with accurate measurements, and many include additional features such as percentage weighing, statistics functions, and automatic-zero searches.

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ISC also offers laboratory scales that are specialized for certain tasks, however. Some labs need ultra-precise scales that measure up to 1,000 pounds, or a premium scale with features up to 100 pounds. We can even provide Intrinsically safe scales that are rated for use in a wide variety of classified and hazardous environments. No matter your needs, we can help you find the right scale for the job.

Not sure what you need? Please contact us today for a free consultation on your best laboratory scale options! Our team of experts is standing by to give you the advice you need to make an informed decision.

Laboratory Scales for Sale and Rent

If you aren’t in a position to invest a lot of capital in a laboratory scale at the moment, we have other options. First, we offer commercial credit to organizations who need to purchase a scale now and pay for it later. Second, in addition to laboratory scales for sale, ISC also offers laboratory scale rentals to organizations who may need a specific laboratory scale for a limited time or a specific project. 

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If your laboratory scale simply needs repair, service, or calibration, ISC is here for you. Our team offers industry-best turnaround times on service jobs. You can drop your lab scale off at our Texas facility or ship it to us, and we’ll ensure that it’s returned to you quickly in perfect working condition. 

Do you have questions about our laboratory scales for sale or rent? Please don’t hesitate to give us a call today. We would love to help you find the perfect scale or service for your needs! 

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