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Is Weighing Your Truck Really That Important?

The need for smart logistical solutions and increasing supply chain innovation has supported truck sales all across the USA. With the higher number of commercial trucks on the road, the time required to complete the formalities such as truck weighing should consume the least amount of time. This ensures that the vehicle stays on the road and the efficiency is not impacted. The weighing regulations are set by the federal department of transportation (DOT) which means that the same rules...

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Roadside Vehicle Weighing Basics

A weigh station is a roadside station for vehicle weighing. You see them punctuated along most of the major highways in the US. A weigh station’s inspection protects the roads from vehicles - especially trucks weighing more than the load stipulated by The National Conference on Weights and Measures (NCWM). It also helps determining charges levied on the total weight. These weigh stations are equipped with truck scales that are permanently mounted on a solid foundation. They weigh...

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Scale Repairs Done Right

When you are dealing with industrial scales, you have to expect them to need scale repair services or calibration often. Due to the workload, these scales can very easily cost you thousands to purchase new, so maintaining and servicing your equipment is crucial to the longevity of your scales. While scales can get damaged for numerous reasons one of the most common is improper maintenance and care. When a scale does become damaged you need to make sure you use get scale repair services from a...

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