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How ISC Makes Certificates of Calibration Available Anytime On Demand

If you work with precision scales and instruments, then you already know how costly it can be to your businesses if your measurements are off by even a fraction of a percent. In addition to ruining your customers’ trust in your products and services, equipment that is not properly calibrated can cause your business to break regulatory compliance. To help prevent ruinous downtime, Industrial Scale Company (ISC) offers a calibration program to clients that allows them to retrieve their certificates of calibration anytime, anywhere.

Regularly testing and calibrating your equipment protects your most critical tools and expands their lifecycle. ISC’s calibration program gives our clients the means to preplan maintenance schedules and costs, while also providing you the best protection against downtime. 

We work with each client to develop a custom program that works with all your various equipment and contracts us to calibrate it as often as you need for as long as you want. Throughout the plan, you will receive reminders the month before your calibrations are due to set up a date and time to perform your calibrations.

Once your calibration program is set, you and your team will no longer have to worry about keeping track of when and how your equipment needs calibration. ISC makes the calibration process easy. Throughout the plan, you will receive reminders the month before your calibrations are due in order to set up a convenient date and time for us to perform your calibrations.

In addition to boosting confidence in all your measurements, ISC’s calibration program makes staying compliant painless. All our calibration program clients receive highest-priority service call status when immediate service is needed. Once calibration is complete, a calibration certificate will be e-mailed to you. In addition, you’ll receive a username and password to access our online calibration certificate retrieval program. This allows you to access and download all of your calibration certificates and records anytime, anywhere.

Our calibration program allows our clients to save money by locking in current recalibration costs for the length of their agreement. We will never raise prices for our services during the length of your contract, and service calls are unlimited to protect against unforeseen downtime. Best of all, we can handle your calibrations anywhere in the continental U.S.! 

Are you ready to ensure that your scales and instruments are always accurate and compliant? Contact us today for a free consultation on ISC’s calibration program. No matter your needs, we can devise a customized program just for you.

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