Cardinal AG Bar Shear Beam

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Cardinal AG Bar Shear Beam

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Cardinal’s AG Load Cells are designed especially for the agricultural industry. Manufactured in the USA with a durable alloy steel, polyurethane sheathed cables, and potted sealed strain gauges protected by steel shroud these cells can stand up against rain, snow, dust, mud or anything else mother nature can dish out. The four-point scale system quickly installs beneath mixers, tanks or other containers, trailer and truck mounted structures, or even to support pallets or platforms for other farm weighing requirements. Capacity options include 750 lb, 7,500 lb and 18,000 lb.


  • Insulation Resistance:  > 5,000 Megohms @ 50 VDC
  • Minimum Dead Load:   None
  • Zero Balance:  +/- 1%
  • Combined Error:  < 0.25% of Rated Capacity
  • Zero TC Counts: +/- 25 ppm/C from -10Ëš to +40Ëš C (14Ëš to 104Ëš F)
  • Input Resistance:   362 to 400 ohms
  • Output Resistance:   344.75 to 355.25 ohms
  • Environmental Rating:  IP61, mechanical tube filled with flexible potting compound
  • Span TC:    +/- 10 ppm/C from -10Ëš to +40Ëš C (14Ëš to 104ËšF)
  • Overload Rating:   Do not exceed capacity rating of load cell











Model Size Capacity Type
AG750 - 750 lb Shear Beam
AG7.5K - 7,500 lb Shear Beam
AG18K - 18,000 lb Shear Beam