TorcUP TX Series

Brian Marquis

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TorcUP TX Series

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The World’s Most Innovative Low Clearance Hydraulic Torque Wrench

TorcUP is a name that needs little introduction. It has always stood for BEING DIFFERENT! Every TorcUP tool is very much a product of today’s technology. New resources and new investment in the latest computer aided design and engineering facilities, in statistical process control and many other leading edge disciplines are ensuring that for TorcUP, the future is every bit as bright as its entrepreneurial past.

While we hate to admit it, sometimes size does matter. The TorcUP TX. Unrivaled design. Unbelievable reliability. Uncommon features like the patented "peanut-shaped" piston, inline reaction pad, and flat design from cylinder to link. Easy to find in any tool room. Sized to fit.
We have the largest stock inventory of the TX line, more than any other competitor in the world. In fact, we have more stock than a few of those competitors combined.

  • Patented “Peanut-Shaped” Piston:  This feature allows the cylinder and ratchet link to be the same width. Friction reducing sliders prevent wear on the piston.
  • Dual Independent Swivels:  360° x 360° swivels allow for individual movement of duplex hoses. Steel construction adds durability.            
  • Hex Link Cassettes:  Steel alignment pins connect lower reaction area for added strength.  
  • Quick Connect Couplers:  Each tool is fitted with quick connect, no-drip, threadless safety couplers, with 2:1 safety ratio.   
  • Cylinder and Link Material:  Both cylinder and link are manufactured from 4340 Aircraft Quality high strength steel alloy.
  • Nose Radius:  Tight nose radius allows this tool to fit in applications where clearance constraints make other tools too bulky.       
  • In-Line Reaction Pad:  This design ensures torsion-free reaction every time.             
  • Link Pin:  One pin for link to cylinder engagement - no tool required for swapping ratchet links.

Model Size Capacity Type
TX-1 45 (min) & 560 (max) ft/lbs Low Profile
TX-2 192 (min) & 1928 (max) ft/lbs Low Profile
TX-4 395 (min) & 3950 (max) ft/lbs Low Profile
TX-8 830 (min) & 8630 (max) ft/lbs Low Profile
TX-16 1560 (min) & 16600 (max) ft/lbs Low Profile
TX-32 3220 (min) & 35650 (max) ft/lbs Low Profile
TX-45 4850 (min) & 47380 (max) ft/lbs Low Profile