TorcUP SV Series

Brian Marquis

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TorcUP SV Series

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The SV1000 is the perfect synthesis of continuous speed ratcheting and power torque.  This industrial pump succeeds in combining all that is desired in a hydraulic torque wrench pump… and more!  An upgrade of the popular EP1000, it integrates a new style of roll cage and different configuration of the gauge setup.  Our customers spoke and we listened!  The handle of the pump is no longer a part of the shroud, but is now a part of the roll cage! But what makes the SV1000 SUPER is its built-in circuitry that allows you to choose the tool you are using on the pump and the timing is automatically adjusted to be correct FOR THAT TOOL SPECIFICALLY!  After that, simply put the tool on the nut and this pump will CONTINUOUSLY ADVANCE until the bolt starts to tighten!  THAT’S RIGHT, ONE PUSH OF THE BUTTON!  The pump KNOWS WHEN TO STOP!  It senses the tightening of the bolt and allows you to finish the application to achieve proper torque!

  • Industrial grade LED membrane switch enables quick selection of tool for auto cycle operation
  • Removable, easy to read 4" PSI/BAR gauge for ease of tool torque adjustment       
  • Low voltage ergonomic pendant for continuous hands free operation        
  • Quick Connect No-Drip 4:1 Safety Locking Couplers           
  • Sight glass enables operator to monitor reservoir oil levels             
  • Powder coated aluminum reservoir is light weight yet durable in the harshest environments



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