StraightPoint Wireless Center of Gravity Software System

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StraightPoint Wireless Center of Gravity Software System

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When large industrial items such as absorbers, generators, turbines, reactors, boilers, towers, locomotives, boats, military equipment or offshore industry parts such as oil rigs and production platforms have to be moved heavy lift companies need large capacity load cells and easy to use software to quickly report weight and centre of gravity. New in 2016, the latest version of our wireless centre of gravity system uses wireless compression load cells and new and improved, simple to use , software package. Operators can now view on screen and in real-time , up to 30 individual load cell loads, and the dynamic centre of gravity. The valuable, centre of gravity analysis report can be easily saved and or printed.  Wireless Compression Load Cells are sold separately.

  • 100% Wireless

  • Between 3-30 load cells of the same capacity can be used at any one time 

  • ISO19901 compliant 

  • 700m range

  • On screen, real time centre of gravity view 

  • Three weighings per report with averages 

  • Plot load cell positioning using measurements or GPS co-ordinates 

  • Extra fields for operator, client, wind speed and temperature available for reporting


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