Rice Lake TradeRoute HL Series

Rice Lake TradeRoute HL Series

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Legal for Trade Onboard Weighing System
With TradeRoute, weighing is a one-man operation. Hydraulics lift the container off the truck frame and within 3-5 seconds you are ready to begin your weight transaction. The 920i® electronics center user interface sets-up quickly and display prompts walk you through weighing transactions, ticket printouts, and you are ready to roll.

Improve Profitability
Instead of driving to a local approved truck scale to weigh, add TradeRoute Systems to your existing delivery or collection vehicles. On site billing for materials delivered or collected eliminates guesswork and increases efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Easy to Install 
TradeRoute is a low-profile onboard weighing system that bolts onto your existing straight truck frame. The system is complete with required hardware and simple installation instructions. Your existing truck frame is not modified. Connect the included line locks to the existing hydraulic pump allowing the scale to lift in and out of weighing mode.

Legal for Trade Weigh Anywhere
Weigh on slopes up to six degrees off level and get accurate weights. The 920i electronics center includes an inclinometer that continuously displays pitch and roll in normal weighing mode. If NTEP certified it for use in Class III and IIIL applications; you are assured TradeRoute is the most economical and profitable accessory to your delivery and pick-up fleet.

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