Dillon Model X-ST Force Gauge

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Dillon Model X-ST Force Gauge

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Proven accuracy and ruggedness sets our mechanical force gauge apart in the force measurement industry. The "D" shaped deflection beam is the heart of the Force Gauge system. Highly engineered materials with close machining tolerances and proper heat treatment provide optimum strength and spring characteristics. Two year warranty. 

Ideal for stand alone force applications or as the load defining component of a much larger system.

  •  ±1% accuracy
  • Shockless dial indicator
  • Used in horizontal, verticle or flat position
  • Two year warranty

Model Size Capacity Type
30795-0014 - 50-0-50 Pounds
30796-0013 - 125-0-125 Pounds
30796-0021 - 50-0-50 Kilograms
30798-0011 - 500-0-500 Pounds
30800-0017 - 2,500-0-2,500 Pounds
30800-0025 - 1,000-0-1,000 Kilograms