Dillon EDXtreme Dynamometer

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Dillon EDXtreme Dynamometer

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We\'ve added ultra-high capacities to 250-ton (550,000 lbf)!

We set out to create a system that had never been achieved - a modular dynamometer so flexible it could serve as a simple hanging scale or could form the hub of a complex weighing system. With multiple dynamometers monitoring many critical lifting points in the same airspace - all from a single wireless remote, we are pleased to introduce the all-new EDXtreme with optional Communicator. 

  •  System total/summing
  • 2,500-550,000lbf (1,000-250,000kgf)
  •  0.1% accuracy
  •  Industries\' first frequency hopping radio system
  •  High speed peak capture
  •  Extended battery life
  •  Two year warranty

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