Cardinal ScaleNET IDS

Cardinal ScaleNET IDS

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Cardinal’s ScaleNET IDS mobile app allows you to use your mobile phone or tablet as a weight indicator! Input up to 5 completely-customizable IDs and e-mail, text, or save the weight ticket, which includes the Ticket Number, Time/Date, GPS location (if enabled), and Gross/Tare/Net. The USA-made ScaleNET IDS app works in conjunction with Cardinal’s ScaleNET Wi-Fi weight transmitter to provide a wireless mobile device weight display for non-legal-for-trade agricultural and industrial weighing applications where remote viewing and entry of information through the device is important. Available for download on Google Play for Android® devices and the App Store for Apple® devices. Weight tickets may also be printed, and this requires a third-party app for Android® (Google® Cloud Print) and an AirPrint printer

  • IDs:  Up to 5 customized IDs
  • Connects wirelessly with ScaleNET Wi-Fi transmitter
  • Quickly email, text, or save weigh tickets
  • Remote control operation of the scale
  • Use your mobile device as a weight indicator
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity:  Interface via Cardinal's ScaleNET Wi-Fi weight transmitter
  • Avaiablity:  Apple and Android mobile devices
  • Ticket Fields:  Ticket Number, Date, Time, GPS location (if enabled), Gross, Tare, Net, and 5 Customizable IDs
  • Printing Capabilities:  Printing requires a third-party app for Android® (Google® Cloud Print) and an AirPrint printer for Apple® devices.
  • Distance Range:  30 ft / 10 m maximum from ScaleNET Wi-Fi transmitter (varies depending upon environment)

ScaleNET IDS Apple® Mobile App - Download Here

ScaleNET IDS Android® Mobile App - Download Here

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