Cardinal EPR-LF Portable Truck Scale


Cardinal Scale’s USA-made EPR-LF portable truck scales offer wireless connectivity standard between the scale modules and weight indicator for rapid set-up without rewiring every time the scale is moved. The EPR-LF series comes in 11 standard models to choose from and features a self-contained lower-frame design for portability, 16-inch-overall-height low-profile design, USA-made stainless steel load cells, standard capacities up to 135 tons and 110 ft. long, heavy-duty checkered steel deck, and durable baked-on anti-corrosion powder paint. EPR-LF portable vehicle scales are the ideal answer when a scale is needed that can be moved from site to site. Optional steel ramps, guide rails, indicators, remote displays, and lifting kits are available. NTEP and Measurement Canada certified.

  • Scale Width:  11 ft
  • Concentrated Load Capacity:  45 tons
  • Load Cell:  DB-75000S
  • NTEP Approval:  97-093
  • Paint:  Baked-on epoxyde cross-linked polyester anti-corrosion tan powder paint

4520-EPR-LF20' x 11'45 TonSteel Deck
7040-EPR-LF40' x 11'70 TonSteel Deck
7047-EPR-LF47' x 11' 70 TonSteel Deck
8050-EPR-LF50' x 11'80 TonSteel Deck
11060-EPR-LF60' x 11'110 TonSteel Deck
13570-EPR-LF70' x 11'135 TonSteel Deck
13575-EPR-LF75' x 11'135 TonSteel Deck
13580-EPR-LF80' x 11'135 TonSteel Deck
13590-EPR-LF90' x 11'135 TonSteel Deck
135100-EPR-LF100' x 11'135 TonSteel Deck
135110-EPR-LF110' x 11'135 TonSteel Deck