MSI 8000 RF Remote Display

MSI 8000 RF Remote Display

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The MSI-8000 is a full-featured remote display for operation with MSI models: MSI-3460, MSI-4260 and MSI-7300. Enables operators to operate weighing systems from a distance not offering harms way.

Standard Features 

  • Bold five-digit (1.25 inch/38mm) LCD display
  • Ergonomic six-button keypad (Power, Zero, Tare, Print and two configurable Function keys)
  • Rechargable battery for up to 24 hours of continuous use
  • Proven reliable RF communication up to 100 feet
  • IP65 protection
  • 15-minute auto shutoff
  • Syncs wirelessly with MSI-7300, MSI-3460, and MSI-4260

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