Cardinal EWM Containerized Truck Scales


Cardinal’s EWM Series Containerized Vehicle Scales’ split-deck construction allows these heavy-duty scales to be loaded into open-top cargo containers, bringing Cardinal’s renowned USA-made truck scale manufacturing quality to anywhere in the world. Sections bolt together upon arrival and feature a solid steel deck platform for optimum strength. Machined precision is evident throughout the scale and ready to hold up to the heaviest of loads. Cardinal includes conduit integral throughout each scale module for complete protection on all electronic load cell cables from rodents and other damage that could occur. Select from 30 and 45 ton concentrated load capacities and OIML-approved SCA compression or DB double-ended shear beam stainless steel load cells, also manufactured by Cardinal for single source convenience.

  • Deck Thickness: 6.4 mm or 9.5 mm
  • Scale Width:  3.35 meters
  • Concentrated Load Capacity:  30 or 45 tons
  • Cargo Container Size:  Fits in either 1 or 2 40-ft cargo containers with open top
  • Load Cells:  Choice of either Cardinal model DB double-ended shear beam or SCA compression stainless steel load cells (OIML approved)
  • Paint:  Baked-on epoxyde cross-linked polyester anti-corrosion tan powder paint

3012-EWM12' x 11'30 TonSteel Deck
3020-EWM20' x 11'30 TonSteel Deck
6040-EWM40' x 11' 60 TonSteel Deck
6050-EWM50' x 11'60 TonSteel Deck
10060-EWM60' x 11'100 TonSteel Deck
10070-EWM70' x 11'100 TonSteel Deck
10080-EWM80' x 11'100 TonSteel Deck
10090-EWM90' x 11'100 TonSteel Deck
100100-EWM100' x 11' 100 TonSteel Deck
100110-EWM110' x 11'100 TonSteel Deck
100120-EWM120' x 11'100 TonSteel Deck
4512-EWM12' x 11'45 TonSteel Deck
4520-EWM20' x 11'45 TonSteel Deck
7040-EWM40' x 11'70 TonSteel Deck
11060-EWM60' x 11' 110 TonSteel Deck
13570-EWM70' x 11'135 TonSteel Deck