Cardinal EPR - Concrete Deck


As the name implies, Cardinal’s ARMOR® concrete deck truck scales provide you with superior-strength, long-life steel construction for optimum vehicle weighing. The ARMOR’s durable baked-on, anti-corrosion tan powder paint stands the test of time. The NTEP legal-for-trade Armor®  includes DB75000-lb stainless steel load cells standard, which are factory assembled. A wide selection of Armor® capacities, platform sizes, and types are available. Each Armor® scale bridge features interconnecting load blocks and receivers for an efficient, no-bolt installation. Rodent protection is standard throughout the scale via conduit integral throughout each scale module. Every Armor® truck scale is 100% assembled and tested before shipping.

  • Scale Width:  11, 12 and 14 ft standard
  • Concentrated Load Capacity:  45 tons
  • Measurement Canada:  AM-4890
  • NTEP:  97-093
  • Paint:  Baked-on epoxyde cross-linked polyester anti-corrosion tan powder paint
  • Load Cell:   DB-75000S
  • Load Cell Construction:  Stainless Steel
45(12,20,25)-EPR-C12,20, or 25' x 11'45 TonConcrete Deck
5030-EPR-C30' x 11'50 TonConcrete Deck
70(40,47)-EPR-C40' or 47' x 11'70 TonConcrete Deck
8050-EPR-C50' x 11'80 TonConcrete Deck
11060-EPR-C60' x 11'110 TonConcrete Deck
135(70,75,80,90)-EPR-C70,75,80, or 90' x 11135 TonConcrete Deck
135(100,110,117,120)-EPR-C100,110,117, or 120' x 11'135 TonConcrete Deck
11060-EPR-12-C60' x 12' 110 TonConcrete Deck
135(70,80,90)-EPR12-C70,80, or 90' x 12'135 TonConcrete Deck
8050-EPR14-C50' x 14'80 TonConcrete Deck
11060-EPR14-C60' x 14'110 TonConcrete Deck
135(70,80,90)-EPR14-C70,80, or 90' x 14'135 TonConcrete Deck