Cardinal Double-Ended Beam


Cardinal’s American-made DB series double-ended, shear beam load cells are constructed from stainless steel and environmentally sealed for absolute water protection, providing protection against corrosive, caustic and wet environments. They are ideal for multiple load cell applications such as  truck scales and heavy duty weighing systems. Each cell is furnished with 10 m of integral multi-conductor cable secured by a strain relief seal. NTEP legal-for-trade and OIML certified. Available in capacities of 50,000 or 75,000 lbs.


  • NTEP Approval:  97-133A1
  • OIML Approval:  R60/1991-DK-99.01
  • Accuracy Class:  IIIL C3 10000
  • Rated Output:  2mV/V
  • Protection Class:    IP-68
  • Material:   Stainless Steel







DB-50000S-50,000 lbStainless Steel
DB-75000S-75,000 lbStainless Steel