Truck Scale Calibration Can Save You Thousands

scale calibration

Over time, a scale’s accuracy can degrade due to wear and tear. Accuracy is essential to your company because the value of the product you are transporting is determined based on weight. It’s also necessary to determine if your load weights are in compliance with federal safety regulations.

In a business where you are moving tens of thousands of pounds, a slight inaccuracy might seem negligible. The truth is that slight inaccuracies can accumulate to hefty costs for your business over time.  Here’s an example below that assumes 80,000lb truck loads:

XYZ Company

Weighing volume: 300 trucks a day

Weighing frequency:   5 days a week

Product value: $25/ton

Scale inaccuracy: -200 pounds

Lost annual revenue: $195, 000

As you can see, a scale that has not been calibrated properly can cost quite a bit in lost revenue.

Scale Calibration Information

When a scale is first installed, it is tested by the governing state’s weights and measures organization. This is done to ensure the scale’s accuracy as well protect the scale buyer, seller, and installation company. Once a scale is approved by the state, it is certified and ready for use. An initial certification, however, does not guarantee continued accuracy.

Calibration is never guaranteed because it is dependent on how the scale is used and cared for. Factors such as frequency of use, weather, and electrical current can throw off the accuracy of a measurement device. Therefore, a measurement device should be periodically inspected.

It is important for truck scale owners to understand that a commercial scale company cannot perform the initial certification of a scale. Only state weights and measurements organizations can certify a scale. A commercial scale company can, however, recalibrate and reinstate a scale that has been “tagged out” by the state provided that they are a state licensed service provider.

When a calibration is performed, the service provider should only use state certified test weights. This will ensure that the scale is calibrated accurately. Scale owners can double check by examining each weight for a state approval stamp as well as requesting a copy of the scale service provider’s test weight certification. The test weight certification contains the serial numbers of each certified weight, and these can be verified by examining the serial number present on each physical test weight.

Industrial Scale Company is certified to perform scale calibration. Contact us to ensure that your scales are as accurate as possible.