StraightPoint Loadlink Plus

The Loadlink plus is manufactured from high-quality and high-tensile aircraft grade aluminum. Due to this manufacturing process Straightpoint Loadlink digital dynamometer load cells are on average 30% lighter than our closest competitor with the same safety rating making them idea for portable load testing.
Thirty years of experience manufacturing this rugged, lightweight loadcell with advanced electronics and full feature display make the Loadlink Plus the number one product for the lifting and rigging industry worldwide.


  • Large easy to read LCD Display
  • High Accuracy of +/-0.3% of applied load
  • Selectable Units - t, lbs, kg or kN
  • High Resolution, 5000 divisions as standard
  • Peak Hold – 100Hz peak force analysis
  • Tare and Preset tare
  • Lightweight due to aluminum construction
  • Overload Counter – ideal for rental industry
  • 90 db Audible Set Point Alarm to warn operator of overload
  • RS-485 Serial Output to connect to Handheld plus or Desktop Controller
  • Designed for use with standard Crosby or Green Pin Shackles
  • Design validated by F.E.A.

Product Options

Model Size Capacity Type
LLP1TU - 2,200 lbs Wireless
LLP2T5U - 5,500 lbs Wireless
LLP5TU - 11,000 lbs Wireless
LLP12TU - 26,000 kbs Wireless
LLP25TU - 55,000 lbs Wireless
LLP35TU - 77,000 lbs Wireless
LLP50TU - 110,000 lbs Wireless
LLP75TU - 165,000 lbs Wireless
LLP100TU - 220,000 lbs Wireless
LLP150TU - 330,000 lbs Wireless
LLP200TU - 440,000 lbs Wireless
LLP250TU - 550,000 lbs Wireless
LLP300TU - 660,000 lbs Wireless