Detecto1051 / 1052 Stainless

Detecto’s American-made 1051 and 1052 stainless steel series come in a variety of capacities from 5 or 8 kg, to 8 or 16 lb.  The beam is chrome-plated and the precision-built mechanism is epoxy coated, while all of the high-contact parts: the base, 9-inch (229 mm) platters, and poise weight are made of stainless steel. A seamless, easy cleaning plastic scoop and variable weight set are also included to complete a package designed for most any baker’s needs. Used extensively in retail bakeries as well as other food establishments, these durable, dependable scales provide long-term, accurate use.

  • Finish: Stainless steel base, platter and poise weight
  • Platform: 9 in / 23 cm diameter
  • Scoop: White Plastic
  • Shipping Weight: 38 lb for 16 lbs / 8 kg models, 30 lb for 8 lb / 5 kg models

Product Options

Model Size Capacity Type
1051TBS 9 16 lbs Stainless Steel
1051TBSKG 9 8 kg Stainless Steel
1052TBS 9 8 lb Stainless Steel
1052TBSKG 9 5 kg Stainless Steel