Detecto 1001/1002 Enamel

Detecto’s American-made mechanical Baker’s Dough Scales are rugged, accurate scales designed specifically for the baker. Available in capacities of 5 or 8 kg, and 8 or 16 lb, with and without a seamless, easy-to-clean plastic scoops to suit your weighing needs. Featuring USDA-approved white oven-baked enamel and a counterweight set, these models provide an economical package without any sacrifice to long term use. Used extensively in retail bakeries as well as other food establishments, these durable, precise scales are furnished with 9-inch (229 mm) diameter plates. Additional weights are also available.

  • Finish: Baked Enamel
  • Platform: 9 in / 23 cm diameter
  • Scoop: White Plastic 
  • Shipping Weight: 38 lbs for 16 lb / 8 kg models, 30 lb for 8 lb / 5 kg models

Product Options

Model Size Capacity Type
1001TB 9 in 16 lbs Baked Enamel
1001TBNS 9 in 16 lbs without scoop Baked Enamel
1001TBKG 9 in 8 kg with scoop Baked Enamel
1001T2B 9 in 16 lbs with scoop Baked Enamel
1001T2BNS 9 in 16 lbs without scoop Baked Enamel
1002TB 9 in 8 lb with scoop Baked Enamel
1002TBNS 9 in 8 lb without scoop Baked Enamel
1002TBKG 9 in 5 kg with scoop Baked Enamel