Cardinal SnapStream Wireless Systems

Cardinal’s SnapStream is a fully-integrated NTEP legal-for-trade wireless scale system for commercial applications. It’s completely proprietary to Cardinal Scale and offers a number of competitive advantages for new or pre-existing scale installations. In brief, SnapStream allows a scale to send weight data wirelessly to an indicator and the indicator in turn to send that data wirelessly to a host of peripheral equipment such as remote displays, printers, PC’s and networks. SnapStream is a digitally-controlled weighing and diagnostic system designed utilizing 802.15.4 Zigbee protocol for reliable and accurate weight and data transmission. SnapStream may be used with model 205, 210, and 225 weight indicators, where scale diagnostics can be viewed directly on the indicator.

  • Power Requirements:  12 -24 VDC at 1.0A Max
  • Temperature Range:  -13 to 104°F
  • Transmission Distance:  Up to 1 mile Line of Sight (LOS), Wireless
  • Radio Frequency Range:  2.4GHz
  • Solar Panel Running Time:  2 hours running time for every 1Ah the battery offers.  For instance, a 100Ah battery will run 200 hours, two 100Ah batteries will run 400 hours.

Product Options

Model Size Capacity Type
205-SNAP - - 205 Indicator