Cardinal ScaleNET Wi-Fi

The ScaleNET Wi-Fi Weight Transmitter is a load cell analog-to-digital converter with Wi-Fi for sending weight data from a scale base to a wireless network. Designed for non-legal-for-trade weighing applications, ScaleNET may be used with bench scales, floor scales, axle pads, tank/hopper scales, and ag bars. The wireless applications are endless! Includes AC adapter and configuration utility apps for PC, Android®, and Apple® devices. ScaleNET features network password security, adjustable noise filtering (IIR and FIR), and the device’s LED light indicates when data packets are being transmitted. ScaleNET must connect directly to the scale’s load cell or junction box (load cell cable not included). ScaleNET connects wirelessly with PCs, tablets, and smart phones and works in conjunction with the ScaleNET IDS 

  • Dimensions:  2.6 in W x 2 in D x 1.4 in H
  • Distance Range:  30 ft maximum (varies depending upon environment)
  • Adjustable Noise Filtering:  IIR and FIR
  • Configuration Utility App Compatibility:  PC, Android, & Apple devices
  • Diagnostics:  On board LED's - Default, Link, & Power
  • Power:  Includes AC adapter (100-240V/12VDC) model 6800-1045
  • Temperature Range:  14° to 104° F
  • Scale Connections:   (1) four terminal connector block

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ScaleNET Weight Transmitter