Cardinal LPRA Rail Scale

Cardinal’s American-made Low-Profile RailHugger Railroad Scale is engineered to offer you the most advanced alternative to today’s railroad scales, adapting to (or custom-made for) any combination of car length. Mounted above ground in a shallow, concrete foundation, there is no worry about shifting ballast resulting in weight errors. Installation is rapid, simple, and can be handled locally requiring usually only about two days. Weighbridge sections arrive assembled, ready to set in, and load cell assemblies are easy to install; just drop them in place and level. Many capacities and lengths are available to choose from. NTEP legal-for-trade.

  • E-80 Cooper AREMA Rating
  • Heavy-duty rugged steel weighbridge
  • Made in USA quality
  • NTEP Legal for Trade
  • Stainless steel load cells

Product Options

Model Size Capacity Type
13-80LPRA-120 13' 100 Ton Steel Deck