Cardinal Light Shear Beam

Cardinal’s American-made model LFB light shear beam load cells have a low-profile design and are made specifically for lightweight applications such as floor and bench scales. Stainless steel construction offers strength and protection in caustic, corrosive, or wet environments and their design makes them resistant to eccentric loads. These cells are potted with a proprietary sealant that offers superior waterproofing, while remaining flexible over the life of the load cell. This special compound protects the load cell strain gages over broad temperature changes, and has no effect on load cell precision. OIML certified. Available in multiple capacities.


  • OIML Approval:  R60/1991-DK-00.02
  • Cable Length:   LFB-250M: 1.5 m / 5 ft. LFB-500M,1000M,2500M: 3 m / 10 ft.
  • Accuracy Class:  C3
  • Minimum Dead Load:    0 kg
  • Safe Load Limit: 150% R.C.
  • Ultimate Load:  300% R.C.
  • Rated Output:  2mV/V
  • Protection Class:   IP-67
  • Material:   Stainless Steel

Product Options

Model Size Capacity Type
LFB-250M - 125 kg Stainless Steel
LFB-500HMT - 250 kg Stainless Steel
LFB-1000HMT - 500 kg Stainless Steel
LFB-2500HMT - 2,500 kg Stainless Steel