Cardinal Hydraulic

Cardinal’s American-made Guardian hydraulic compression load cells are the most reliable load cell on the market. Constructed to last a lifetime from stainless steel and designed to keep weighing accurate in even the harshest environments, these cells require no electricity within the scale itself. All of this extreme-duty protection translates to tremendous savings over the life of your weighing equipment. Immunity to lightning, explosion-proof, water-proof, shock-proof, resistant to rodent damage, and highly resistant to corrosion and eccentric loading. Available capacities range from 2,500 to 200,000 lb.


  • NTEP Approval:  05-076
  • Accuracy Class:  IIIL 10000
  • Rated Output:   Hydraulic
  • Protection Class:    IP-68
  • Material:    Stainless steel
  • Warranty:    Lifetime

Product Options

Model Size Capacity Type
H2.5K - 2,500 lb Stainless Steel
H5K - 5,000 lb Stainless Steel
SST10 - 10,000 lb Stainless Steel
SST25 - 25,000 lb Stainless Steel
SST50 - 50,000 lb Stainless Steel
SST75 - 75,000 lb Stainless Steel
SST100 - 100,000 lb Stainless Steel
SST200 - 200,000 lb Stainless Steel