Cardinal Harvester Livestock Scales

Ideal for stockyards, feed lots, and private farms, Cardinal’s USA-made fully-electronic Harvester livestock scales feature patent-pending solid concrete decks and include livestock pens and two-end swing gates with easy-close latches (arrives factory assembled). The ridged concrete deck provides sure footing for livestock. The 0.8-inch-high gap between the concrete deck and steel livestock pen allows space for easy washout cleaning and is not visible to cattle from above. The NTEP legal-for-trade LSC series farm scale utilizes Cardinal’s 20,000-lb model SB stainless steel shear beam load cells which feature superior welded waterproof seals and protection against caustic, corrosive environments. Available in 12.5, 25, or 30 ton overall capacities. Sizes up to 52.5 ft long x 10 ft wide.

  • Platform Width:  10 ft
  • Platform Length:  17.5 ft, 35 ft, or 52.5 ft
  • Overall Capacity:  12.5 tons, 25 tons, or 30 tons
  • Concentrated Load Capacity:  12.5 tons
  • Load Cells:  Cardinal model SB 20,000-lb stainless steel shear beam
  • Clearance Height:  81 in (from top of concrete deck to bottom of top bar)
  • Gate & Cattle Pen Height:  66.5 in

Product Options

Model Size Capacity Type
1217-LSC 17'-6" x 10' 12 Ton Concrete Deck
2535-LSC 35'-0" x 10' 25 Ton Concrete Deck
3052-LSC 52'-6" x 10' 30 Ton Concrete Deck