Cardinal Compression

These American-made heavy-capacity compression load cells are ideal for multiple load cell applications including truck scales, railroad track scales, and heavy-duty tank weighing systems. Load cells are fabricated from stainless steel to provide the ultimate in protection when caustic, corrosive or wet environments are encountered. Load cells are environmentally-sealed for absolute water protection. NTEP legal-for-trade and OIML certified. Available capacities range from 22,680 to 90,720 kg.


  • NTEP Approval:  89-042A3
  • OIML Approval:  R60/1991-DK-97.04
  • Accuracy Class:  IIIL - C3
  • Minimum Dead Load:  226, 454, 544 kg
  • Safe Load Limit: 150% R.C.
  • Ultimate Load:  300% R.C.
  • Rated Output:  2mV/V
  • Cable Length:   35 ft / 10 m
  • Material:   Stainless Steel










Product Options

Model Size Capacity Type
50K-SCA - 50,000 lb Stainless Steel
100K-SCA - 100,000 lb Stainless Steel
120K-SCA - 120,000 lb Stainless Steel
200K-SCA-R - 200,000 lb Stainless Steel