hazardous area weighing

Industry:  chemical processing

Equipment Used:  Cardinal's hydraulic truck scale paired with the ican & isite


The Perfect combination!!!!!

In the chemical processing industry, capturing a weight can be challenging.  Many areas of their plant are classified as hazardous/explosion.  Our customer’s plant ran 24 hrs. a day 7 days a week and could not experience any downtime with weighing their trucks.

 Industrial Scale Company combined three great products, Cardinal’s Guardian Hydraulic Truck Scale, ICan System, and ISite.  The Guardian Hydraulic Truck Scale is perfect in classified areas, no electronics!!!  When we added the ICan and ISite to the package, this truck scale became extremely powerful.  We are able to remote into our customer’s computer and run diagnostics on the system.  We can determine if there is a short in the communication cable or a main board failing in the indicator.

This truck scale package put the control back into the customer’s hands!!


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