helping the grand parkway stay on schedule

Industry:  Construction / transportation

Equipment Used:  Cardinal's Armor portable truck scales


Houston, TX is a city with tremendous growth potential.  In Houston we have a wide variety of industries, such as Oil and Gas, Construction, and Manufacturing.  This great city has become a place where fortune 500 companies want to grow and expand their business, like Exxon Mobile’s corporate headquarter in The Woodland, TX.  For Houston to keep up with the growing population new roadways have to be built.

Our customer has the project to build the Grand Parkway around Houston.  They have to inventory all the material used to produce the expansion.  This is commonly done with weighing equipment, such as truck scales. 

Industrial Scale Company has provided several of Cardinal’s Portable Truck Scales for this Grand Parkway Expansion.  Once a section of the Grand Parkway is completed, they will move their site to another location.  The Armor Portable Truck Scale makes this process extremely simple.  This scale is all self-contained with a lower frame.  Unscrew a few bolts, disconnect the wire, and you are ready to move this truck scale.


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