Wheel Weighers: A Practical Solution for Weighing Trucks


Wheel weighers are an easy and time-efficient solution for weighing trucks. These platforms, also known as axle scales or portable truck scales, make weighing trucks quick and can facilitate a wide range of industrial applications.

Behind The Design Of Wheel Weighers and Their Features

Wheel weighers have important features that allow them to function in the way they do while remaining portable. A low profile platform is the main feature that makes this possible. The low profile enables the user to place the truck on the platform easily and quickly. Because of the thin nature of the platform, there is not much of a grade to the incline. Ramps are affixed to the side of the platform to enable the truck to easily get in to weighing position.

Improved Use of Space

Wheel weighers offer a lot of benefits to companies seeking to improve their use of space and time. Since they are very portable, wheel weighers are able to be used in many areas of a terminal or warehouse. Any open space can be used to weigh a vehicle due to the portable nature of wheel weighers. No longer are you limited to a specific weighing area. Now, companies can have multi-use areas when there are no vehicles in line to be weighed. This increases the productivity and multitasking capabilities of a company, which impacts the bottom line.


Different industries use different configurations when weighing, and wheel weighers can be integrated with many different weight configurations to accommodate many different needs. This is beneficial because it is easy to determine the weight of a truck or other vehicle without having to perform any special calculations.

Time-Saving Methods

Wheel weighers can weigh both moving and stationary trucks. Vehicles are not required to be in one specific spot. Wheel weigher systems also can compile all types of data of the truck, determining axle weight and overall weight.

Many companies even use wheel weighers in an integrated terminal setup. These setups can provide very detailed data. The terminal remains portable and battery powered, making it truly portable and independent of a fixed power source.

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