Truck Scale Accuracy – A Weighty Issue

Truck weighing is an important topic from the perspective of buyers and suppliers. In many industries such as construction, the buyer typically purchases a truck load by reviewing its weight, which means that the accuracy of your scale means money. From the seller’s perspective, if the scale used shows less weight than the actual load, then the aggregated loss over time could be immense, whereas from the purchaser’s point of view, less supply of material would be received. Small businesses could utilize truck scale rentals to ensure weight accuracy on their end, as a cost effective strategy to setting up an in-house weighing station.Image result for overloaded trucks on scales

Apart from the cost per truckload scenario discussed, another red flag for logistics companies to ensure high scale accuracy is the federal limit of 80,000 pounds per truck. The scales used by the national truck weighing stations have a legal tolerance in terms of weight accuracy. What this means is that some businesses would utilize this limit to their advantage, to carry slightly overloaded trucks. This should always be avoided because the most truck scales will have a highly precise weighing mechanism that could isolate overloaded trucks, resulting in delays and fines.

Truck scale owners should secure services of maintenance companies that make sure that the scales are properly calibrated and are operating with the highest precision possible. The annual costs of having your truck weighing equipment maintained by professional scale service providers ranges but you can contact the Service Dept for a price quote. With the increase in truck sales for commercial purposes, the competition in supply chain services is increasingly intensifying. This translates into head to head competition, creating the need for businesses to develop long term relationships with their customers through provision of excellent and fair services, using precise scales.

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