Things to Know About Overweight Trucks

The department of transportation (DOT) has outlined the weight restrictions for commercial trucks. The gross vehicle weight limit is 80,000 pounds with 20,000 pounds on a single axle. Vehicles with tandem axle groups can have up to 34,000 pounds of weight distributed on axles.

According to a research, 8,000 trucks in 2015 were found to be in breach of the stipulated weight limits. Due to this reason, all commercial trucking businesses must ensure that they proactively engage in truck weighing practices. For this purpose, Cardinal scales can be purchased if you operate a fleet of trucks to ensure that a pre-departure weighing practice can be followed to ensure transportation compliance. Axle scales can also be used and placed strategically to obtain an accurate weight measurement on every axle.

Moreover, truck drivers found in violation of driving overweight trucks could be punished by cancellation of their commercial driver’s license and heavy fines for the business. However, such a scenario can easily be mitigated through the usage of truck scales, even rentals, so that small businesses can also create an in-house weighing station if/when required. Industrial Scale Co can help with any of these scenarios.

Truck weighing stations bring about a momentary halt which may result in delayed delivery of goods, leaving the end customer highly unsatisfied. There are various scale service providers that offer different truck weighing solutions to businesses of all sizes. However, organizations with a large fleet of trucks can enjoy several benefits  of having an in-house truck weighing station such as never having to worry about the timely delivery of the goods or facing any unforeseen delays.

Businesses must understand that all rules and regulations must be followed to ensure a smooth logistical operation. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) also suggests that operations within the legal and ethical framework increase customer satisfaction levels and also improves the supplier relationships.

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