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Truck Scale Accuracy – A Weighty Issue

Truck weighing is an important topic from the perspective of buyers and suppliers. In many industries such as construction, the buyer typically purchases a truck load by reviewing its weight, which means that the accuracy of your scale means money. From the seller’s perspective, if the scale used shows less weight than the actual load, then the aggregated loss over time could be immense, whereas from the purchaser’s point of view, less supply of material would be received. Small businesses...

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Things to Know About Overweight Trucks

The department of transportation (DOT) has outlined the weight restrictions for commercial trucks. The gross vehicle weight limit is 80,000 pounds with 20,000 pounds on a single axle. Vehicles with tandem axle groups can have up to 34,000 pounds of weight distributed on axles. According to a research, 8,000 trucks in 2015 were found to be in breach of the stipulated weight limits. Due to this reason, all commercial trucking businesses must ensure that they proactively engage in truck...

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Is Weighing Your Truck Really That Important?

The need for smart logistical solutions and increasing supply chain innovation has supported truck sales all across the USA. With the higher number of commercial trucks on the road, the time required to complete the formalities such as truck weighing should consume the least amount of time. This ensures that the vehicle stays on the road and the efficiency is not impacted. The weighing regulations are set by the federal department of transportation (DOT) which means that the same rules...

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