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Various Methods of Truck Weighing

There are countless truck weighing stations all across the USA to facilitate drivers and owners in ensuring that all legal standards are followed. For this purpose, various weighing equipment is used to ensure that an accurate measurement is made. However, there are various kinds of equipment used for different weighing methods such as: Portable: Wheel weighers are used for this truck weighing method. A truck drives over single scales and stops every time a set of wheels rests upon the...

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Truck Scale Accuracy – A Weighty Issue

Truck weighing is an important topic from the perspective of buyers and suppliers. In many industries such as construction, the buyer typically purchases a truck load by reviewing its weight, which means that the accuracy of your scale means money. From the seller’s perspective, if the scale used shows less weight than the actual load, then the aggregated loss over time could be immense, whereas from the purchaser’s point of view, less supply of material would be received. Small businesses...

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