Scale Repairs Done Right

scale repair services

When you are dealing with industrial scales, you have to expect them to need scale repair services or calibration often. Due to the workload, these scales can very easily cost you thousands to purchase new, so maintaining and servicing your equipment is crucial to the longevity of your scales. While scales can get damaged for numerous reasons one of the most common is improper maintenance and care. When a scale does become damaged you need to make sure you use get scale repair services from a certified facility. Industrial scales have very specific calibrations that must be adjusted right, unique parts and cannot be repaired by a general electronics technician. In order to make sure your scales are serviced properly you should follow our basic guidelines to know quality scale repair and how to get it.

Calibration Is Key

Scales are imperative because they provide exact measurements for many industrial purposes. Accuracy is the top priority as many factors depend on it such as compliance with ISO standards, regulatory bodies and load limits. When seeking scale repair services it is important to ask questions about their calibration service and methods. You want to make sure they are qualified to calibrate to dead on accuracy.

Scale Repair Services You Can Count On

You should also ask as many questions as you have before having scale repair performed about your equipment. Questions like what replacement parts will be used, will they be new or remanufactured. What is the warranty on the labor and parts for the repair? You are going to be counting on this business to give your scales back to you in new working order;  so asking these questions up front will make sure you are on the same page. If the repairs are not done right it can affect the mechanical validity of your scale, the accuracy or it could fail altogether. Accuracy and downtime are two factors that can sideline your entire business. So you want to make sure their technicians are certified and experienced  and that you can count  on them as you do your scales.

Is The Repair Guaranteed?

Make sure when looking over the repair or service agreement that you pay special attention to the warranty of their work and parts. Many companies can confuse you with hidden exclusions and voidable clauses. So when it comes to spending hundreds or more on a repair you are going to want some kind of guarantee on paper that explains your rights and any limitations clearly.

Need Scale Repair From The Best?

If you want scale repair from one of the most respected names in the business, you should contact ISC . We handle industrial scales geared towards any application and we have been around for over 50 years servicing the Houston area. We stand behind our work and our word to give you the best in scale repair services at a fair price. Contact us today for a consultation and  see the difference in your equipment when maintained by ISC.