Roadside Vehicle Weighing Basics

weigh station is a roadside station for vehicle weighing. You see them punctuated along most of the major highways in the US. A weigh station’s inspection protects the roads from vehicles – especially trucks weighing more than the load stipulated by The National Conference on Weights and Measures (NCWM). It also helps determining charges levied on the total weight.

These weigh stations are equipped with truck scales that are permanently mounted on a solid foundation. They weigh vehicles and their contents. To calculate the load carried by the vehicle is not more than specified by the NCWM – you can do your vehicle weighing both with the load and without it.

There are many types of truck scales in the United States. The main ones are,

  1. Electronic (pit less or deep pit)
  2. Digital (pit less, shallow or deep pit)
  3. Axle Scales
  4. Rail, Moveable or Mechanical Weighbridge

If the contents of your commercial vehicle are overweight, you are ordered to stop the vehicle until an overweight permit is been issued. This entire process takes about an hour. Weighing these vehicles at your facility prior to beginning your journey can save time, money, and not to mention, headaches. Contact us at Industrial Scale to find out how we can find the vehicle scales just right for your application.

FACT: Texas has established size and weight limits for vehicles and loads moving with or without an oversize and/or overweight permit on Texas roadways and bridges. In 1931, Texas imposed some of the toughest weight limits in the nation on trucks, limiting loads to no more than 7,000 lbs. These weight restrictions weren’t lessened until after World War II. The current weight limits can be found here: TXDOT Weight Limits.