What You Need to Know About Portable Truck Scales

portable truck scaleScales are a pivotal part of any transportation business. After all, the value of the products transported is determined by weight. Not to mention there are laws and safety precautions concerning weight that must be adhered to. If a truck exceeds the legal weight limit, your business could be subject to some hefty fines. It’s also well-known that overloaded trucks are harder to control with the brakes working less efficiently. That being said, it is important that a quality scale is a part of your equipment list. Portable truck scales are an excellent choice as they take reliable measurements and can be moved to any location with relative ease.

Benefits of a Portable Truck Scale

There are many benefits to using a portable truck scale. The most important of these benefits is that these types of scales are highly accurate. With today’s technology, they are just as accurate as their stationary counterparts. In addition to that, they are extremely easy to set-up. It takes only a few minutes to set-up a typical portable truck scale, and it can be done by a single person. Their size also makes them convenient. Many can fit even in the back of a small car. Designed with portability in mind, these scales won’t break your back as they are lightweight. Despite their size and weight, they are still durable and able to withstand the loads and stress of industrial applications.

How Portable Truck Scales Work

Portable truck scales are simply a low profile surface that a truck drives over to calculate the load weight. Located at the core of the surface is a load cell that measures the weight of the truck and transmits the data to a remote terminal. The load cell is protected by a durable casing that will ensure that the truck scale will remain in working condition for a long period of time. Ramps are placed on each side of the load cell surface for safe entry and exit. Using this system, all the axles of a truck will need to be measured separately. The sum of all the axles minus the weight of the empty truck will give you the net weight of the carried product.

Where Can You Find a Portable Truck Scale

Here at Industrial Scale Company we carry several models of portable truck scales for all uses. Let us know how you plan to use the scale, and we will set you up with the best system for your purposes. With over 70 years in the scale business, we have the experience and knowledge to provide measurement solutions for a wide variety of applications. Contact us today to find out more about our portable truck scales.