Is Weighing Your Truck Really That Important?

The need for smart logistical solutions and increasing supply chain innovation has supported truck sales all across the USA. With the higher number of commercial trucks on the road, the time required to complete the formalities such as truck weighing should consume the least amount of time. This ensures that the vehicle stays on the road and the efficiency is not impacted.

The weighing regulations are set by the federal department of transportation (DOT) which means that the same rules are theoretically applicable to all states. Additionally, these scales need to be calibrated and certified by a professional scale service company, such as Industrial Scale Co. According to law, you must stop at weight stations to avoid litigation. These weight restrictions ensure that the roads are not damaged by the trucks and that no accidents occur due to overloading. Moreover, there are other advantages for the truck drivers adhering to weight restrictions such as reduced fuel consumption, better tire performance, and improved vehicle handling.

Across the country, there are many scale facilities where drivers can weigh in their trucks. The efficiency of the truck weighing services is variable; some service providers allow the vehicle to stay in motion while it is weighed, while others require the vehicle to come to a halt.

With the advancements in technology, this process can be made effective enough to consume the least amount of time. The improvements in Cardinal Scales such as slow-speed in motion equipment have already slashed the time involved, but further integration with the internet of things (IoT) could significantly drive the efficiency of the truck weighing process.

However, the most recommended approach would be to get your respective truck weighed to avoid any unforeseen circumstances in the future. Or, to get your personal scales calibrated regularly based on amount of use and wear/tear. Contact our service manager for advising on the maintenance schedule of your scales.