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Force Measurement Systems: How to Measure Force

What exactly is force? Force is a term in the field of physics that simply means an influence that exerts power or strength over an object and can change its direction or rate of movement. Some types of equipment require their components to use a certain amount of force to run properly. In these cases, you will need a device to measure the force to ensure smooth operation. Industrial applications such as mechanics, logistics, and manufacturing use measurements of force daily. If you want to...

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Calibration for Scales: What, When, and How

Calibration is the process of finding a relationship between two unknown quantities. When one of the quantities is known by way of a measurement device, another measurement is taken with a second device under similar conditions. The measurable quantities may be different in two devices that are otherwise equivalent. The device with the assigned correctness is called the standard. The second device is known as the unit under test. Calibration ensures that the measuring device is consistent,...

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