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What You Need to Know About Portable Truck Scales

Scales are a pivotal part of any transportation business. After all, the value of the products transported is determined by weight. Not to mention there are laws and safety precautions concerning weight that must be adhered to. If a truck exceeds the legal weight limit, your business could be subject to some hefty fines. It’s also well-known that overloaded trucks are harder to control with the brakes working less efficiently. That being said, it is important that a quality scale is a part of...

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Is Your Truck Scale Performing Up To Standard?

Your business needs to perform as effectively and efficiently as possible. Sometimes the equipment used at your business’ facilities can get in the way of smooth operations. For example, we find that many clients are using scales that do not meet the demands placed on them. Adding too much weight to a particular scale can damage and render it useless. That’s why your best bet will be to get in touch with an industrial scale expert. A scale expert can ensure that your facilities are...

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